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I feel very fortunate to do what I do on a daily basis – traveling across North America capturing images for my clients. For 35 years clients have called wanting their products, services or projects captured professionally for use in their marketing or advertising campaigns. My latest endeavour recently found me in LA photographing spaces and architectural projects for Mark Raissen of Lightraze. Born in South Africa Mark was an Electrical Engineering by trade. Like me, he liked working with his hands and got his ticket as an electrician so that he no longer was tied to a desk. As he services grew he moved into lighting design to become the master that he is today. He migrated to Southern California over twenty years ago and today is most sought after lighting expert in the LA area. Lightraze caters to the who’s who crowd in LA. He and his team consult, design, procure and oversee the installation of lighting for interiors/exteriors of multi-million dollar commercial and residential retrofits and new builds. Mark and I first met 5 years ago when I was in LA capturing the Sunset Tower Hotel on Sunset Boulevard. My Canadian client provided the lighting and Mark oversaw the installation. I was in photography heaven photographing the Sunset Tower Hotel in Southern California no less knowing that it was cold and winter back home. This latest call from Mark was no exception. He had several projects that he wanted me to capture their interiors and exteriors in the LA area that included the Sunset Tower Hotel once again.

I happened to also be there just as the Covid19 virus was ramping up in North America so LA was like a ghost town. If offered us access to some spaces that normally would be occupied and in full swing with guests and the buying public.

We toured Newport Beach, West Hollywood and the Lido Isle. Mark showed us projects that he is looking after all the lighting that ranged in price from a couple million to $50 million. That’s 50 with six zeros to follow – it makes your head spin rapidly trying to envision this caliber of home. What a treat Mark – thanks for the LA opportunity.

Downtown Los Angeles near San Vicente Bungalows
Here are some of the captures taken for Mark – have camera will travel!
Sunset Tower Hotel Reception, Los Angeles, CA
Sunset Tower Hotel – Tower Bar, Los Angeles, CA
Lightraze HQ, Costa Mesa, CA

If you want to contact Mark at Lightraze click on their website link below:

Mark Raissen, Prezident
3187 Airway Ave | suite C
Costa Mesa | CA | 92626

O. 949-529-5494
C. 808-315-9432 


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