Creating Meaningful Illustration Imagery

To be a successful commercial photographer you have to be well rounded in your creative skills and lighting to create powerful meaningful images that help sell clients products or services. This is why I love shooting in the studio. The room is dark, I have full control over what I want to do and get to play god with light. Although not captured for a client this image was a self-assignment for portfolio. It is simple in design but very complex in approach. Glassware with liquid is always a challenge. The glassware is reflective and I wanted to give it shape and form as well illuminate the transmissivity of the feature liquid. (5) lights were used to create this shot and voila an image is born. If you have a need for product photography I’d love to chat with you. Let’s explore how we might best approach that need. It’s a no-obligation call so what have you got to lose. You can reach me by phone (call/text) at (780) 908-8960. I look forward to hearing from you.
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